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HHC-O Vape Pineapple Diesel 96%

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Leider ist dieses Produkt gesetzlich verboten und darf daher nicht mehr verkauft oder angeboten werden. Im Menü findest du alle legalen Cannabinoide.

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HHC-O disposable pen with Pineapple Diesel flavor 96% HHC-O

Volume: 1ml

  • Disposable vaporizer pen with 96% HHC-O
  • Ultra strong premium sativa
  • Pineapple Diesel
  • Up to approx. 500 "trains"

Taste: Pineapple Diesel impresses with intense pineapple and diesel aromas. The combination of sweetness and pine forms the backbone of the flavor profile and is supported by the complexity of hemp terpenes.

HHC-O Vape Pineapple Diesel 96%

The packaging contains a filled vape of the same flavor Pineapple Diesel corresponds. According to Canapuff, the filling quantity is enough for approx. 500 puffs.

Product according to the law§ 5 No. 167/1998. Intended for industrial, technical and horticultural purposes. Not suitable for direct consumption or smoking. The product is subject to natural weight loss. No sale for persons below 18 years. Keep out of reach of children.

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