Stoner eyes: tips and tricks for a clear look

Kiffer Augen: Tipps und Tricks für Klare Blicke

Niklas Bergmann, M.A.

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Inhaltsverzeichnis: Stoner eyes: tips and tricks for a clear look

Hey, dear community! Today we're delving into the world of "stoner eyes". Do you know this too? You're enjoying your favorite cannabinoid product and suddenly you have those telltale red eyes. Don't worry, we have a few tips for you on how to deal with "stoner eyes"!

What are stoner eyes?

It's a noticeable symptom after consuming cannabis: red eyes. But why does this actually happen? When you consume cannabis, whether by smoking, vaping or in any other way, your body absorbs THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is known to slightly lower blood pressure, which causes blood vessels and capillaries - including those in the eyes - to dilate. These dilated blood vessels cause increased blood circulation and lead to the red eyes.

And stoner pupils?

In addition to the redness, there is also a change in the pupils. The pupils can dilate, which can lead to increased sensitivity to light. This phenomenon, known as "stoner eye pupils", is a direct reaction of the body to the intake of THC. Interestingly, everyone's body reacts differently to cannabis. While some people get severely reddened eyes, others show barely visible signs. Factors such as individual tolerance, the type of cannabis product consumed and even hydration levels all play a role.

What helps against red eyes and dilated pupils as a stoner?

The good news is, there are effective methods to reduce red eyes. Here are some tips:

  • Best eye drops for red eyes: there are a variety of eye drops on the market that are specifically designed to minimize the redness caused by cannabis. These products often contain active ingredients such as tetryzoline or naphazoline, which constrict the blood vessels in the eyes and thus reduce the redness. Make sure to choose eye drops that are suitable for your specific needs and consult with a pharmacist if necessary.
  • Hydration: Simple but effective - drink plenty of water. Cannabis can lead to dehydration, which in turn can increase eye redness. By keeping your body well hydrated, you are also supporting the health of your eyes.
  • Cool compresses: Applying cold compresses or cold packs to the eyes is a quick and easy way to constrict blood vessels and reduce redness. This method can be particularly relaxing and also helps to reduce swelling.
  • Avoid smoke: If possible, try to keep smoke out of your eyes. Smoke, whether from cigarettes or cannabis, can irritate the eyes and contribute to redness. Alternative methods such as edibles or vaporizers can be a good option to avoid this problem.
  • Dark sunglasses: A stylish and practical solution. Dark sunglasses can not only hide red eyes, but also protect your eyes from bright light that can exacerbate redness.
  • Getenough sleep: tiredness can increase redness in the eyes. A good sleep cycle can help improve eye health and reduce the risk of red eyes.
  • Healthy diet: A balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, supports overall health and therefore eye health. Foods with a high water content such as cucumbers or watermelon can also help with hydration.

Recognize stoner eyes and stay discreet

Recognizing "stoner eyes" in others is not always easy. Red eyes and large pupils could be a clue, but it doesn't always have to be due to cannabis. It could also be due to lack of sleep, allergies, environmental factors such as dust, or because someone wears long contact lenses.

If you think someone has been using cannabis, it's important to treat it sensitively. It's usually not good to come right out and say it, especially in public or at work.

Here are a few tips on how to be discreet in these situations:

  • Show understanding: everyone has their reasons for using cannabis. It's important to be respectful about it.
  • Don't bring it up directly: It's usually better not to talk about the issue directly unless the person wants to talk about it themselves.
  • Offer help: If someone seems to be having problems with their eyes, you can discreetly offer them eye drops or water.

Although "stoner eyes" are common, they don't always indicate that someone has been using cannabis. Being considerate and understanding will help everyone feel comfortable.

Red eyes in boys

It is interesting to note that the signs of red eyes are often more visible in boys after cannabis use. This could be due to physical differences, such as hormonal balance. But not every boy reacts in the same way. Some have barely visible changes in their eyes, while for others it's quite obvious.

Genetics, how well someone tolerates cannabis and general health also play a role here. For example, guys who have a lot of stress or poor sleep may have a stronger reaction.

It's also possible that lifestyle and habits have an influence. Things like diet, sleep and how stressful life is can affect how the body reacts to cannabis.


"Stoner eyes" are no reason to panic. With the right tips and tricks, you can treat the redness effectively. And don't forget to check out hhcfriends for the latest and greatest cannabinoid products!

Niklas Bergmann, Fachautor

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