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The “best” grinders often depend on personal preference and intended use. For example, some people prefer a small, portable grinder for on-the-go use, while others prefer a larger, stationary grinder with multiple chambers. You can find more detailed information about exactly what the perfect grinder has to be able to do and how you can recognize it here.

Not necessarily. However, if you want to enjoy a smooth, evenly intensely distributed taste experience from your flowers and a uniform combustion of the material, we recommend chopping up your buds with a grinder beforehand.

Use small cleaning brushes specially designed for the grinder, which can easily reach every corner to remove stuck-on material. Some metal grinders can also be cleaned with alcohol afterwards. You can find the special brushes here.

A jay case is a small, often cylindrical container used to store joints or blunts safely so they don't get crushed or damaged, keeping it fresh and preventing the smell from escaping.

The exact method you use to clean your Jay Case depends on the material of the Jay Case. In many cases, a damp cloth or a little alcohol can be used to eliminate odors and residue.

Yes! Our Jay Cases from Dream Happy are airtight, keep your pre-rolled joint or blunt fresh and prevent odors from escaping.