HHC ban all-clear! Still legal until...?

HHC Verbot Entwarnung Gesetz

Niklas Bergmann, M.A.

Biochemiker, Fachautor

Inhaltsverzeichnis: HHC ban all-clear! Still legal until...?

Update HHC 8.03.2024

HHC is not on the agenda for the next Bundestag session, which means that everything will stay the same. For all HHC lovers and the industry, this is good news for now. It means you can continue to chill, because the sale, production and consumption of HHC in Germany are still safe. So, don't panic - HHC remains legal for now. Stay tuned for further updates if anything changes!

Hey guys, today we have some hot news for you, coming straight from the political arena and concerning our beloved substance HHC. Get your vapes ready, because this info is like a fresh puff from your favorite e-cigarette!

Big news: HHC stays on the safe side for now!

At least for the next few weeks. Yes, that's right! It has been officially confirmed that HHC will not be up for debate in the upcoming Federal Council meeting on February 2nd. This leads us to conclude that the legal situation regarding HHC will not change for the time being - so everything will stay the same. No new regulations in sight!

But beware: the next Federal Council meeting will take place on March 22. Until then, everything will remain the same, but it is quite possible that the topic of HHC will be taken up in the future. Until then, we can enjoy the current regulations. Stay healthy and optimistic!

What does that mean for us?

In short, HHC continues to hover in that gray area that we all love so much. In Germany, HHC is operating in a legal gray area or even completely legal, similar to many other parts of Europe. While some countries have slammed the door shut on HHC, in Germany it remains HHC accessible.

The current situation

So, here's the deal: the sale and production of HHC is still allowed in Germany, and consumption remains unpunishable. It's like an invisible high-five from the government saying, "Go ahead, guys, but stay safe!" It's important that we enjoy this freedom with responsibility and always make sure to use high quality products that are safe and reliable.

Your Move

Let's take this good news as an opportunity to continue to use HHC in an informed and responsible way. Stay informed, stay safe and above all, enjoy the freedom we have been given. We at HHCFriends are here to provide you with everything you need - from the latest info to the juiciest HHC products.

Stay healthy, stay happy and as always - peace out! 🌿💚✌️

Niklas Bergmann, Fachautor

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