Cannabis legalization 2024: what was decided on 23.2?

Cannabis-Legalisierung 2024

Niklas Bergmann, M.A.

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Inhaltsverzeichnis: Cannabis legalization 2024: what was decided on 23.2?

Update 22.03. - The law has been passed!

Yesterday it still seemed as if cannabis legalization was on the brink - uncertainty was in the air. Critical voices raised doubts as to whether the step towards legalization would really be taken. But, as it turns out today, the decision has been made: The Bundestag has given the green light. Despite initial reservations and strong headwinds, the law has now been passed and from April, the consumption of cannabis will be legal for adults in Germany.

This development underlines how dynamic the political landscape can be - concerns and debates are part of the process, but the end result is a law that introduces a new way of dealing with cannabis. The aim is to curb the black market, regulate consumption and ensure greater transparency and safety.

Update 21.03. - Cannabis legalization on the brink?

Is cannabis legalization in Germany on the brink? The latest discussions are creating tension. While the federal government is trying to find a common denominator with the federal states, the CDU and CSU are raising concerns about international and European law. These developments raise questions as to whether and how the law can achieve its objectives without violating international treaties. A balancing act between ambitious drug policy and legal framework conditions - cannabis legalization remains a hot topic.

The traffic light coalition has pushed through cannabis legalization with its majority, which should make cultivation and possession for personal use possible from 1 April. However, the opposition from the CDU/CSU and AfD is critical of this. Despite the lack of an approval requirement in the Bundesrat, the latter could convene a mediation committee, which could delay or even block the law. A political trial of strength that will have a decisive impact on the future of cannabis policy in Germany.

Hey folks,

hold on tight, because we've got some red-hot news for you that was just officially passed yesterday and that everyone is now talking about! From April 1, 2024, the use of cannabis will be legal for adults in Germany. This groundbreaking step marks a historic change in the country's drug policy and opens the doors to a new era.

Why legalize at all?

The German government has taken this bold step to rethink its previous drug policy, which has clearly reached its limits. Despite strict prohibitions, the use of cannabis, especially among young people, has risen continuously. More than four million people between the ages of 18 and 64 picked up a joint within a year - a thought-provoking figure.

The goals of legalization

The German government is pursuing clear goals with legalization: curbing the illegal market, ensuring the quality of cannabis in order to minimize health risks, and strengthening education and prevention measures. There is a particular focus on the protection of children and young people, for whom access to cannabis remains strictly prohibited.

What will change?

In future, adults will be allowed to grow up to three plants for their own use or join together in non-commercial associations to consume cannabis. Up to 25 grams may be carried in public areas, and up to 50 grams in private areas. In addition, a general ban on advertising and sponsorship for consumer cannabis will be introduced. And for the early birds among cannabis enthusiasts: Consumption in pedestrian zones is taboo between 7am and 8pm.

What does this mean for us?

This decision not only opens the door to a safer and controlled environment for cannabis use, but also sends a strong signal for a modern and enlightened drug policy. It shows that the focus should not just be on prohibition, but on education, prevention and the protection of the youngest members of our society.

For many, this change may be welcome news, for others it may raise questions. However, one thing is certain: Germany is breaking new ground with the legalization of cannabis, and it will be exciting to see how this decision will affect society.

Niklas Bergmann, Fachautor

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