Dragon´s Breath Blüten mit 50% THCp
Blüten Cannabis THCp
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THCP Dragon's Breath 50%

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Dragon's Breath with 50% THCp presents an exceptional fragrance profile that combines tropical sounds with the richness of pine, rounded off with a hint of brown sugar. Over time, this composition transforms into a base of earthy and woody tones, characterized by the coolness of cedar. Refreshing lemon flavors and accents of green herbs elevate the entire experience to a new level, taking it into a dynamic and beguiling flavor landscape that bridges a diverse spectrum of scents.

THCp, also known as tetrahydrocannabiforol, is a rarely occurring cannabinoid characterized by an extraordinary property: its ability to bind strongly to cannabinoid receptors and potentially produce more intense effects than conventional THC. This discovery in the cannabinoid field opens up innovative perspectives and potential applications.
Flowers of technical hemp. Industrial hemp is derived from the seeds of varieties listed in the Common Catalog of Varieties of Agricultural Plant Species. The product is intended for industrial, food, cosmetic, technical or horticultural purposes in accordance with Article 5(5) of Act No. 167/1998 Coll. Not intended for direct consumption or smoking. The product is subject to natural weight loss. Store in a dry and dark place. Keep out of the reach of children.

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