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Blunt Wrap Brown - Chokolate - Double Platinum

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  • Ideal replacement for long papers
  • Flavored tobacco leaves
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Chocolate-flavored blunt wrap - from Double Platinum

Top-quality flavored tobacco leaves: your upgrade for that special treat

Want to take your smoking experience to the next level? With flavored tobacco leaves, also known as blunt wraps, you can add variety to your routine. They are not only an alternative to the usual long papers, but also offer a very special treat thanks to their special aroma.

Made from the best ingredients and carefully processed, these blunt wraps promise an authentic and intense taste experience. Each pack contains 2 pieces - perfect for enjoying alone or sharing with friends.

In summary:
- High-quality, flavored tobacco leaves
- Ideal replacement for normal long papers
- Content: 2 pieces

Discover the rich taste and first-class quality of our blunt wraps and turn every moment into a special experience.

Instructions for use:
In this beginner's tutorial, we explain how to roll a blunt. Prepare the blunt wrap paper - this is rolled up quite a bit in the packaging so that you can place something heavy, such as a bottle, on the rolled-out blunt to roll it out carefully. Basically, the blunt is rolled like a normal joint, but there are a few special features.

1.prepare your weed
When it comes to preparing your weed, there are two methods. The first is grinding the weed, which results in an even burn. The second option is to crush the flowers with your hands, as is traditionally done. This allows the weed to burn more slowly.

2. Preparing the blunt
To make your blunt casing supple and easier to roll, you should moisten it slightly. This also helps to close fine cracks. If you are only spinning the blunt for yourself, you can simply use your saliva. However, if you plan to share the blunt with others, it is better and more considerate for hygienic reasons to dip your fingers in water and then moisten the sleeve.

3.filling the blunt
Fill your blunt casing with the prepared blossoms. As blunts are usually larger than joints, you need about 1 to 2 grams of weed for a blunt the size of a cigarillo.

4. now it's time to get started!
Now comes the most challenging part - rolling the blunt. Don't worry if it doesn't work perfectly at first; practice makes perfect. Even experienced joint twisters can struggle with the thicker blunt wrappers at first.

Start by twisting the filled wrapper between your index finger and thumb. This helps to distribute the cannabis evenly and shape it correctly. Now quickly and gently twist the wrapper in on itself and moisten the inner edge of the protruding top side. Continue twisting and smoothing with your fingers until the weed is completely wrapped and the blunt is properly sealed. Blunt wrap paper is drier than normal joint paper, so use enough saliva to stick the end when twisting. Too little saliva will cause the blunt to fall apart and ruin your smoking experience.

*Do not leave unused wraps in the air, as they dry out quickly.