HHCp Blüten Knospen hhcp bluete hergestellt in der EU

HHC-P flowers

HHC-P flowers in premium quality


The original HHC-P content in the flowers is quite low. However, in the products available in our shop it is considerably higher and ranges from 2 to 40 percent. The hemp flowers are treated with a high-quality HHC-P distillate to achieve this increased content.

Our HHC-P flowers are available in various quantities. Some products are offered in variable packaging sizes of up to 10 grams, others typically come in smaller units of 1, 3 or 5 grams. Try out our “ Dream Happy Set ” trial package and test the effects of HHC-P flowers of different strengths.

To ensure long-lasting freshness of HHC-P flowers, it is important to store them dry and protected from light and drafts. Airtight and non-transparent containers are ideal for this. You can also store them in their bag as this already meets all the requirements for optimal storage. A temperature of around 18-20°C is optimal. In addition, HHC-P should always be kept out of the reach of children and pets.