Can HHC be detected? HHC in a drug test

HHC im Drogentest nachweisbar?

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Is HHC detectable? This question is currently on the minds of many people in Germany, as is the question of the legality of HHC and where it can be bought.

It is certain that products containing HHC are metabolized in the body, producing HHC degradation products. But is HHC even detectable with the currently available drug tests? This article will shed light on the various aspects of HHC detectability.

Is HHC detectable in urine?

It is fairly safe to assume that HHC is detectable in the blood. So if a blood test is performed shortly after consuming HHC, HHC will be detectable in the blood. This is probably also true for HHC-P, a metabolite of HHC.

The key question, however, is whether HHC is being looked for in drug tests at all. To our knowledge, there is currently no specific HHC blood test or HHC laboratory test that specifically looks for HHC or its metabolites. However, due to the structural similarity between HHC and THC, it is relatively likely that one of the tests already in use will also react positively to HHC, especially if the HHC dosage is very high.

With a urine test, it is even more likely that your HHC drug test will be positive. Reportedly, a positive THC test result can be obtained after consuming HHC without the need for a specific HHC urine test. The structural similarity to THC and its degradation products is sufficient to make the consumption of HHC detectable in urine. It is therefore highly likely that all HHC products, from gummy bears to vapes, are detectable.

Drogentest HHC im Urin nachweisbar

How long is hexahydrocannabinol

The detectability of HHC in urine is around 30 days, but can be highly dependent on various factors, including the amount and frequency of use as well as your metabolism. With regular use, HHC breakdown products (metabolites) can be detectable in the body for even longer. However, the longest detectability of metabolites of cannabinoids such as THC is found in the hair. Therefore, an HHC hair analysis could still be positive even a year later.

It is advisable to stick to the guideline values for the detectability of THC if you are unsure about the detectability of HHC. If you are interested in the detectability of THC, please read on.

THC detectability: important information for cannabis users

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and its effects

You have probably already asked yourself how long THC remains detectable in the body. This question is particularly relevant as the use of cannabis is widespread and often the subject of controversial discussions. The main active ingredient in cannabis, THC, is responsible for the psychoactive effects of the plant. Interestingly, not all cannabinoids are illegal. For example, smoking CBD is legal and HHC, which has similar effects to THC, is currently still legally available.

Detectability of THC: an overview

THC detection in various parts of the body

The breakdown products of THC can be detected in various parts of the body, from the hair to the blood. This is particularly important to know for you as a driver's license holder.

How long does THC remain detectable in the hair?

THC is detectable in the hair for the longest time. For those who have lost their driver's license due to cannabis use, this means preparing for a longer period of abstinence, as THC can be detectable here for several months.

THC detection in the blood

The length of time that THC can be detected in the blood varies and can range from a few days to three weeks (in rare cases even longer). A very strict limit of 1 nanogram of THC per milliliter of blood serum applies during a police check. There are different regulations for medicinal cannabis.

THC detection in urine

THC metabolites can be detected in urine for weeks to months. The THC-COOH value in urine provides information on whether consumption was one-off, occasional or regular.

Special features of the detectability of THC

Caution: THC is fat-soluble

A drug test can turn out positive even months after the last use. This is due to the fat-solubility of THC. With regular use, it can accumulate in fatty tissue and be released again when there is an increased breakdown of body fat, for example during a diet.

THC in edibles: why fat solubility plays a role

This fat solubility is also the reason why hashish or cannabis flowers are often cooked in fat before being processed into edibles such as hash brownies.

THC limits and fitness to drive

The debate about the 1-ng limit

In Germany, the THC blood serum value is used to assess fitness to drive, with a limit value of 1 ng/ml. However, there is controversy as to whether this limit value is meaningful and really allows conclusions to be drawn about fitness to drive.

The THC degradation curve

The exact calculation of the rate at which THC is broken down is complex and depends on many factors. However, there are study results that can provide a rough guide.

Detection of cannabis and its degradation products in urine

Finally, it is important to know that metabolites of THC and other cannabinoids are detectable in urine for days and weeks. This applies regardless of the type of consumption, whether smoking or vaping.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge about the detectability of THC is essential for every cannabis user. Whether you are an occasional or regular user, this information can be crucial, especially when it comes to legal aspects such as your driver's license. Stay informed and make responsible decisions!

THC Urintest Drogentest

HHC drug test

Better not risk your driver's license!

So far, only a few users have had experience with an HHC drug test, as the use of HHC is still relatively new. Therefore, many experience reports are based on personal accounts. Due to the strong changes in perception caused by the HHC effect and the HHC high, it is advisable to strictly separate the consumption of HHC and driving. In addition, undesirable HHC side effects can occur that can significantly impair driving ability.

However, it is equally important not to jeopardize your driving license. A medical-psychological examination (MPU) due to cannabis use can be expensive, and your driver's license is certainly worth more than an HHC high.

Conclusion: Is HHC detectable in drug tests?

Yes, HHC is detectable in most bodily fluids and probably also in hair. The urine test in particular is very likely to be positive after the consumption of HHC. The recent consumption of HHC can also be detected in the blood test, especially if it is specifically searched for. If you are now facing an MPU for cannabis use, you may also be interested in our article on accelerating the breakdown of THC.

HHC im Drogentest

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