HHC Blüten Purple Queen 40% cannabis
HHC Blüten Purple Queen 40% online kaufen
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HHC Flowers Purple Queen 40% (1g - 100g)

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Contains high levels of HHC and a range of other terpenes. Try the HHC from Canalogy now.

HHC content: 40%

Available in packs of 1, 3, 5, 10, 50 and 100 grams.

HHC can:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote sleep
  • Relieve nausea
  • Alleviate fears

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HHC flowers 40% from Canalogy

For a particularly strong effect, we offer flowers with 40% HHC. This is the strongest impact we can offer.

What is the difference between these flowers and regular THC?

HHC is also a cannabinoid. However, it is different from THC. HHC contains only an insignificant amount of THC. However, the chemical compound is similar to THC. HHC is usually made in the laboratory, although it also occurs naturally. The 40% HHC also has a psychoactive effect, which almost comes close to the effect of THC. By the way, we also have other HHC products on offer such as oil and vape.

Product according to the law§ 5 No. 167/1998. Intended for industrial, technical and horticultural purposes. Not suitable for direct consumption or smoking. The product is subject to natural weight loss. No sale for persons below 18 years. Keep out of reach of children.