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HHC can serve as an alternative treatment for anxiety, inflammation, stress, pain relief or sleep problems. We therefore make every effort to deliver the best quality to HHC as quickly, discreetly and legally as possible.

Hexahydrocannabinol - is one of the cannabinoids that are found in different concentrations in the cannabis plant.

The process and production were developed more than 80 years ago . In order to obtain the HHC in larger quantities, THC or CBD, preferably from an extract, is broken down by "hydroxification" and an H molecule is added. Thus, THC & CBD is converted into HHC.

Blüten Laborhaus

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"Sleep is extremely important."

Due to my self-employment, I have irregular working hours and a strenuous work week. Thanks to HHC, I can fall asleep more easily and sleep soundly. I am happy to have found a healthier alternative to my sleeping pills.

Kilian Weidl

"Pure relaxation."

I love the water & surfing. Unfortunately, I was never able to fully relax after surfing. I suffered from muscle tension from overexertion. With HHC I finally found a solution. It helps me to relax with a clear conscience without straining my body or my stamina.

Robert Smith

Sarah Bild Review
"Finally I find peace."

For me as an athlete, it's not always easy to find the calm before competitions. With HHC I have found something that helps me against my inner restlessness and insomnia and above all it does not fall under the German Narcotics Act.

Sarah Böhm